Micronet to Participate in NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission’s Vehicle Safety Technology Pilot

MONTVALE, N.J., Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Micronet Enertec Technologies, Inc. (MICT), announced today that its Mobile Resource Management (MRM) subsidiary, Micronet Ltd, a developer and manufacturer of rugged computers, tablets and computer-based systems for the commercial Mobile Resource Management (MRM) market, has been selected to participate in the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission’s (TLC) “Vision Zero” Vehicle Safety Technology Pilot.

The Vehicle Safety Technology Pilot is an initiative called for in Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero action plan, which outlines actions the TLC, Department of Transportation, New York Police Department, other agencies, the public, and the private sector can take to end traffic related deaths in New York City by 2020.

In its Industry Notice #15-47, dated November 4, 2015, the TLC announced Micronet as the fifth participant, adding that the “Vehicle Safety Technology Pilot will test and evaluate the efficacy of black boxes, anti-speeding technologies, driver alert systems, and related analytic software, in promoting safe driving of TLC – regulated vehicles.” The pilot is scheduled to last until April 6, 2016.

Mr. Shai Lustgarten CEO of Micronet stated: “We are proud to be selected as one of the few companies to participate in this potentially lifesaving initiative. We were invited to present our advanced technology last June and completed an intensive field testing to prove the advantages of using our technology to promote safer driving, which will ultimately save lives.”

Micronet is conducting the project together with Luxury One Corp, Micronet’s New York City distributor, managed by Boaz Bagbag and Tommer Zur, both experts in vehicle safety issues and the Vision Zero initiative.


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