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How long does it take to start driving?

Renting a vehicle is a two-phase process. First, we will submit your application to our insurance company to add you to our policy. If there are no accidents or other issues, this can be done in under 1 hour. Applications submitted before 3 PM may receive an answer the same day. The second phase, once approved, is to locate and assign you a vehicle. This can take one hour or it can take two business days depending on the availability of vehicles in our inventory. Our inventory is constantly changing with vehicles coming in and vehicles going out. Vehicles are rented on a first come first serve basis. Please ask your Rental Agent for an approximate time frame for availability of the vehicle you are interested in. We also offer home delivery of your vehicle.

What are the minimum age & licensing requirements?

  1. Minimum age of 21.
  2. Maximum age of 64. Due to our insurance company regulations, any  one over the age of 64 will not be able to rent from us.
  3. Driver’s License must be at least three (3) years old. Driving experience in a foreign country MAY qualify. Please ask your agent.
  4. TLC/Hack License. A receipt is NOT acceptable. You must have the actual physical license in your possession.

What is included in my rent payment?

Your weekly rental payment includes the car, full coverage and liability insurance, Diamond, plates, registration, and regular vehicle maintenance. It does NOT include EZ Pass, tickets, gas or any other expense incurred by you.

Can I share my car with someone else?

You are the only person insured and authorized to operate the rental vehicle. You cannot lease, share or rent this vehicle to or with a third party.

Who pays for regular maintenance on the vehicle?

BSD Group. Regular vehicle maintenance is provided by our repair shop located in the Bronx.

Do I have to let you know when I will return the rental?

Yes. Prior to the termination of the rental contract, a 14-day advance notice must be provided to us via email. Please send an email to Naonyc40@gmail.com

Is there a mileage limit?

No, there are no limits or restrictions on mileage.

How much are TLC Rentals?

Our TLC rentals start as low as $299/week for qualified drivers.

How much are Livery Rentals?

Our Livery rentals start as low as $200/week for qualified drivers.

Where does my vehicle get repaired?

We have repair shops all over the 5 Burroughs. If your vehicle is in need of maintenance, please contact us immediately.

Office Line:  (646) 779-1149

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