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Livery Insurance NYC

What is a Livery Vehicle?

In New York City, Livery Vehicles are sometimes referred to as NY Car Service . Livery Vehicles provide pre-arranged transportation via Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) approved Car Service Bases. Livery cars can be dispatched via telephones, web sites or apps and have binding fare quotes issued by the base. There are no restrictions on fare payments as compared to Black Cars.

There is a wide variety of vehicles that can be affiliated with car service bases and the average age for a livery vehicle is currently 6.5 years. Street Hail Livery permits can be purchased that allow hailing passengers in the outer boros and upper Manahattan, this is also referred to as Green Taxi. In order to operate a Livery vehicle, drivers need to have a valid TLC license.

livery car insurance nyc

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