• Mon - Sat 9.00am - 6:30pm
  • 2150 Jerome Avenue Bronx, NY 10453
  • (718) 751-0632


Rental Requirements

You must have both a valid Driver’s license and a valid TLC license. NO MINIMUM age to rent our cars!

Additional Drivers

If a car is rented for 2 shifts a surcharge will be applied for the additional driver. Rental requirements for Additional drivers are the same as for the primary Renter. All additional drivers are responsible for the vehicle until the vehicle is returned.

Payment Methods

We accept money orders, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and direct deposits.

In Case of Accident

Please call 9-1-1 right away and fill out the Accident Report provided to you by the police at the scene of the crash. Let us know about the accident ASAP so that we can file a claim and take care of everything for you. REMEMBER all you worry about is driving!

Returning Vehicles

You must return the vehicle to the location printed on your Rental Agreement and notify us at least 30 days before you plan to return the vehicle.

Rental Rate

We consider our weekly rate as a 7 day rate.

Pets and Smoking

No smoking! No pets! No one wants to sit in a car that has pet hair or odor in it. If the vehicle is returned with pet hair or odor, you will be charged for detailing and deodorizing the vehicle. This charge is a minimum of $250. This is a strict policy.


No repairs, large or small, can be performed on any of our vehicles without written approval from a Luxury One manager. If a repair is completed without approval, the Renter will be fully responsible for any and all additional repair work that might be necessary in order to properly bring the rental vehicle back to its pre-rental condition.

Tolls and Tickets

The renter is fully responsible for any parking, traffic, TLC, and E-Z PASS violations incurred throughout the time of the rental.

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